356 Social Media Content Ideas for Translators

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356 Social Media Content Ideas for Translators

What Translators and/or LSPs Say!

My word, you have just solved a huge problem and saved me hours and hours of work. This is a fabulous resource. 😊🙏🏽

Elżbieta Dubois

Translator | Localization specialist | Content Writer | English & Spanish → French & Polish

This is a work of love! I haven’t seen many resources addresses to translators/LSPs specifically. Thanks for sharing.

Sylwia Biczyk

Polish Business Translator

That’s a great source of inspiration.💡 Thank you so much, Shaimaa!

Sabine Sapp

English to German Translator

I love it! Bravo & Thank you!

Gabriela Kouahla

English to French-Romanian Translator

Amazing work! Thank you so much! 😊

Nancy López Vásquez

Traductora Jurada En <> Es Legal Sworn Translator

Honestly, this is like my content bible! Whenever I’m stuck for an idea I always flick through this and come up with something great.
Heidi Karino

Transcreation copywriter | Japanese to English | Making Japanese marketing and advertising copy work in English.

Thanks, Shaimaa, as you explain it, planning is key!

Valerie Le Deroff

Legal & business English to French translator

That’s a great source of inspiration.💡 Thank you so much, Shaimaa!

Charlotte Marti

German & English into French Translator

Thank you for this amazing resource! 🤗

Riikka N

Content writing & Translation FI / EN / IT

Congratulations, Shaimaa! So beautifully edited and such great content! I can’t wait to start reading it and applying your tips to my different social media profiles 😄

Ismael Marin

English to Spanish translator and localization specialist

This is genius! 👏 Thank you 💖

Ilduara Escobedo

Freelance English <> Spanish Translator, Proofreader, and Localizer

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