Catch a glimpse about my life journey and experience in the field!


Bachelor of Arts – English Department – Ain Shams University – Cairo – Egypt

Ground Work in Written Translation – American University in Cairo

Career Certificate in Legal Translation – American University in Cairo


Accredited Professional Translator (English<>Arabic) – Arab Professional Translators Network, No. 30215 – Given at Beirut/ Lebanon

Atn-Apts Official Certification Examiner

SmartCAT Senior Translator Certified PRO in English to Arabic

Work Experience

DAR AL-FAROUK FOR PUBLISHING AND DISTRIBUTION (Full-time Translator): My passion for literature and the luck of having translated some great books lead me to the conclusion that translation is ‘my thing’.

BAYAN GROUP FOR TRANSLATION, TRAINING AND PUBLISHING (BTS) (Full-time Translator): My work at (BTS) further included deputing me as a Translator at “Barclays Bank” to translate reports and related documents.

After three years of working in-house, I hit the ceiling as Senior Translator.

It was not enough for me, and I was eager for more! So, I decided to shift forward to freelance, this time trying to reach the global market.

In 2008, I created my first website (, registered on several freelance portals and started individual work.

IBM – INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS MACHINES (Freelancer): Co-Translator – (IBM) “Machine Translation Correction Project”.


HAT Publishing House Lebanon (Freelancer)

TransProz India (Freelancer)

GLIM – Services Linguistiques France (Freelancer)

EASO / IRENA/ OHIM / EUROPA/ European Parliament (Freelancer/ Subcontracting through my translation client)

Teaching Arabic For Non-Natives: (prepared copyrighted material for their website)

Worked with Various Clients as a Subcontractor for Translation Services

At the same time (2009 – 2016) & through my first website, I, and my team, translated various documents in miscellaneous fields: Legal, technical, documentary, medical, UN and other genres for many companies around the globe.

The Internet and digital marketing is continuing to explode, so I launched this website (2016 – up till now), closed the other and started the development of a steady online marketing strategy aimed to deliver high-quality content for translation clients.

With this site, I’m trying to help translators find appropriate information and answers to translation-related questions. Kindly visit my blog about translation and my FAQ page to find out more about my services.

Meet The Founder

Shaimaa Riad

Founder, Arabic Translation Specialist

I create Topnotch Arabic Translations and love doing it!

As a Team Leader, I have a team of professionals that love & take pride in their work.