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My approach is somehow different in handling my translation tasks, this is because my services are language-oriented performed through a threefold transarabizing Process:

1-     Translation: Your miscellaneous content is just translated right mixing efficiency with naturally flowing target-texts.
2-    Adaptation: “Speaking your tongue ‘and’ writing your way” in my target-texts i.e. adapting a particular text to a targeted specific reader, language, jargon and area.
3-    Proofreading & Editing: My “professional linguistic touch” is fully committed to “high quality translation” i.e. providing the best linguistic wording and punctuation techniques to edit target texts towards topnotch texts subject to a rigorous quality control procedure.

I coined the term “TransArabizing” and used it as my personal branding which means – as simple as deduced – translating into Arabic. Not only making Arabic in form and style but also adapting/ arabizing related customs, manners and mentality.

It’s a matter of localizing/ arabizing any text to address the target audience/ reader. Being a TransArabizer means going beyond the Arabic language barriers to localize/ adapt related concepts and traits.

I excel in Legal, Documentary and UN translations, thanks to my “multipotentiality” that I have accomplished the following:

1- BACHELOR OF ARTS (B.A.), ENGLISH DEPARTMENT: Ain Shams University – Cairo – Egypt | 2002 – 2006.
2- Ground Work in Written Translation – American University in Cairo – 2007.
3- Career Certificate in Legal Translation/ UN – American University in Cairo – 2010.

Moreover, I am currently enrolled at the Faculty of Law Ain Shams University (2016 – 2020) to study the legal jargon in order to serve as a “pivot” linguist-lawyer later on because such field is crucial; full of Latin maxims and legal stylistic features that differ from one school to another i.e. Modern vs. Classical legal writing.

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