The Online Language Industry Conference

Chapter II. Localization as a Living Organism

In the second installment of our conference, we’re taking a holistic approach to translation and localization by examining the most pressing industry challenges from a novel, organic perspective.

Hi #transarabizers Nation specially #linguists & #translators
Saved your spot for the next #locfromhome?
#Kudos to Smartcat for organizing the #LocFromHome conference 💜 👏🏻
Sending virtual ❤️ & appreciation to:

Anna Iokhimovich – Anca Greve – Robert O’Keefe – Hristina Racheva – Diego Cresceri – Diego Cresceri – Kathrin Bussmann – Jayme DeSocio –  Ann Lawless – Nora Zilahy – Semir Mehadzic – Nir Sabato – Renato Beninatto – David Utrilla – Michael Klinger – Bridget Hylak – Max Troyer – Pavel Doronin – Taylor Matthews – Javi Diaz – Julien Bertaud – Igor Afanasyev – Clysree Brown – Kirill Soloviev – Anna Zaretskaya – Guanghan (Luna) Liu – Natali Lekka – Loie Favre – Una Dimitrijevic

All those ✨ will be hosted with ❤️ to discuss 🔥 topics:
– Specialization – pros & cons
– Copy-writing and when to add this to your career
– Modern evolving tools that are growing nowadays in the #language #industry
– Is TMS enough?
– Discussions around MT…etc (time to move with the cheese 🧀)
– Further topics that will add value to #LSPs & ways to break out of our Comfort Zone!

PS: No room for motivational speeches + it’s free! 💰
Stay ahead of the game 🎯 & attend! I’m sure you’ll gain some relevant & exclusive insights.
Interested? Save the date! (Sept. 9, 10 am–10 pm UTC) & check the link in the 1st comment👇🏻
Thoughts 💭
#translation #localization #litranslators

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