Hi, I am Shaimaa!

Founder, Entrepreneurial Arabic Linguist

Certificates, Memberships & Awards

Work Experience

Full-time Work Experience

DAR AL-FAROUK FOR PUBLISHING AND DISTRIBUTION: My passion for literature and the luck of having translated some great books lead me to the conclusion that translation is ‘my thing’. (2006-2007)

BAYAN GROUP FOR TRANSLATION, TRAINING AND PUBLISHING (BTS): My work at (BTS) further included deputing me as a translator to “Barclays Bank”. (2007-2008)

After 3 years of working in-house, I hit the ceiling as Senior Translator.
It was not enough for me, and I was eager for more! So, I decided to shift forward to freelance, this time trying to reach the global market.
In 2008, I created my first website, registered on several freelance portals and started entrepreneurial work.

Entrepreneurial Work

IBM – INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS MACHINES (Freelancer): Co-Translator – (IBM) “Machine Translation Correction Project”. (2008-2009)

GLIM – Services Linguistiques France (2008-2015)


EASO / IRENA/ OHIM / EUROPA/ European Parliament (Subcontracting through my clients)

HAT Publishing House Lebanon (2008-2011)

Teaching Arabic For Non-Natives: http://www.arabic-keyboard.org/arabic/ (prepared copyrighted material for their website – 2010)

I coined the term Transarabizing and used it as my personal branding. This name is meant to highlight my cultural identity to you as a client through an ongoing process of establishing a prescribed image or impression in your mind about me.


You will be provided a wide range of translation services for you as a business customer or an individual client.

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